The Recycle Gallery

When designs from the past meet the function and passion of today!

Over the last Decade, I worked in the Aerospace Field. My Expertise is in Fluid dynamics, Reproducing Extreme climates, Research and development, Data Acquisition, Precision Cleanliness, and Quality Assurance. At the End of January, I decided to move away from the aerospace field and focus on The Recycle Gallery. I spent three months applying all learned from my previous career and built a foundation. The two items that I’m most proud of is our Flagship Rigs. The Ramune which has been around since the 1837. In its modern form has been upcycled to make one of the best Functioning Dabrigs around. We have been working on it since 2020 and have Version 3 in Development. The Second is the Clase Azul Plata, Upcycled for both Flower and Concentrates. These 2 items have been featured in the VIP Areas for Kush Stock, Secret Sesh, Socal Cannabar, and Cannabis and Movies.